Inspirations – 2

Inspirations 2, interesting links by DORARTIS

Art, artists and other things I liked this week:

Watercolor tutorial: I found very useful video about  Watercolor Transparent Layering Technique | Step by step Painting Tutorial by watercolor artist Jay Lee.

Pattern: I’m constantly inspired by Japanese obi patterns. See my Pinterest board – Obi.

Work of Art: Henri Mattise, Poppies, 1919. Love blue color and composition.

Artist/Illustrator: Ira Sluyterman van Langewede, illustrator from Munich. Her lovely Instagram account and You tube channel are so inspirational. I enjoy all her works, watercolors and illustrations as well.

Blog post: Austin Kleon notes about how 90 % of your work is crap, but it’s better than nothing. Austin has also very good newsletter you can receive every friday. Especially if you are interesting in writings, poems, books and music.

Instagram: Incredible beautiful embroidery by Japanese artist Yumiko Higuchi. Check her Instagram if you haven’t already.